Just give me a chance.

by Rim (Wichita)

Lord i do wish to follow you wherever you go, I wish to be in your light of happiness and a better way of life for me, but how can I follow you when I don’t have the strength to follow you. Everywhere I look all i see is a world filled of broken promises, doubts of you, people being so selfish and shrewd.. How can I get passed the black smoke of my own depression and this cold world I live in just to take one step with you.

Lord I need your hand, please have mercy on me and guide me out of my own depression and lift me up and above this cold world. Let me see your promises to a better way of life.

Lord give me the strength to follow you, save me lord, Help me to become the man I should be, not the frightened, unsure and unconfident person I am today.. Amen

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