Job to get for my husband

by sim ()

Please help my husband to get a job before this month end or atleast a call frm the agent saying
as there is opening ad he has got the job as he has quit that job of merchant navy which he was working may he get out of state or out of india as a driver also will do the money can make house and other needs fulfill
we taken a house in rent and we have a child to bring up who is 10 yrs old his studies ada the
house needs cant be fulfil frm my salary as i haev taken a loan frm my dear ones which i need to pay back
god knows how there is sometime fight , when he drinks or not sometimes when he shouts ad hits himself seeing this my child gets fear ad cries as , we have been seperated for 10 yrs bt nt leagly bt
there is no saveing ad etc frm my self all was spend in loan , adn other things now we came back
saying he dosent have money no job bt for long he ws working in dubai as in business no saveing
he has bt he sacred adn fear to spend to his own family i dotn how iam going to live as the month is comeing to end how we pay the rent 6500/- the gas ,electricty the vegetables ad my sons education adn his needs how …………….. please i cant see toucher pain ad cry everything

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