Job Stress

by Toni (South Carolina)

Lord, I am in a sitution at work that seems overwhelming to me. You have always helped me through difficult times, so I am sure you will this time. In my observation yesterday as a teacher, the principal was unbelievable. She yelled at the kids, when i thought they were doing rather OK. I am sure my performance will be marked down and I need this job or a job. However, she makes me feel worthl4ess and it is so stressful working there. I need guidance. I know that many or most of the school do not like her and many are trying to get to another school. however, this job pays well, and I just need some help. I am asking for help with the stress, help with behavior of the kids or a new place altogether. I am also in the middle of trying to get my media license and hoping this will make life more funa again and less stressful, but I really just do not know where to turn or what to do. It is causing me health problems and I know it is because I am not at peace. I ask for your help to shwo me what to do.