Job Request after second interview

by Tabby ()

My family traveled over 3000 kilometers for my husband to attend a second interview. It is a manager position for which he has so diligently been working towards. It is a great job with a great company Father, and although they are only two candidates left, Father please let your favor shine over my husband for this position. Father you know that the last 2 years have been really tough on us and I was working 2 jobs on top of family life with 3 kids to keep us from sinking. My salary has been cut again and we are headed down the same path again. We desperately need to get out of this City, it brings great disappointment and hardship to our family. Due to the stress my fibromyalgia is so excruciating some days that I find it difficult to even get our of bed. Our kids are so unhappy. Father please hear my plea for you face to shine upon our family. We need a miracle Lord. My current work situation is putting strain on our marriage and I don’t know if it will survive another year. God help me be still and know that you are working things out for our good. Than you for your Grace, Father. Amen

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