Job related and Children needs

by Mandu ()

May God lead me to/grant me a stable Full Time good paying job this month soon.
May God convict JAEG BRIGHT MED SERVs to pay me all of my overdue salaries from last year to date this month; and take vengeance with those employees that are causing me this financial hardship.
May God assist my Child studying/struggling to pass this his Certifying Exam this time before they are call back to work in the office which has already been discussed with him making him very worried.
May God enable us to purchase a good strong car this week due to my PT insufficient amount and delayed/refused payroll from the JAEG Bright Med Servs since 9/16/20 till now except one paycheck.
May God keep my children’s heart focus on Him and continue to assist/encourage them to serve Him more as before the pandemic in Jesus name as workers in His House for the Kingdom that I showed them; brought them up even as a single Mother almost alone with God in Heaven.
May God be their Father always even in the absence of their father at home for years now.
May God introduce/connect my Children with their right/correct spouse as gifts/reward for their services to Him with true confirmation this year soon IJMN Amen. I/my Children loves/serves the LORD.

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