Job Issues

by Debbie (Lake Worth, Florida)

Heavenly father! I give you thanks for all you do for us. I am forever grateful for your grace and mercy which we are not deserving. My forever praise and glory is unto you Lord Jesus.

God I pray for everyone who are having surmounted issues on their job, and feeling of pressure and job insecurities. I pray that you would give them the peace of mind that is needed to get pass what seemed to be a block that won’t move. God never to never to leave nor forsake you.

God allow your people to hear your voice directing and instructing them to do your will and your will only.

Forgive us for losing sight of how big and powerful you are God, due to the small problems that appears so huge because of our fleshly frail human mind.
Help us to be more trusting in you Christ Jesus, and not to put trust in our job, boss, or any men.

Remind all who are willing to hear and obey, that you are God alone, and only you God have the power to save.

So take heart and know that God has got you. No weapons that formed against you shall prosper.

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