by Rhonda Blair ()

Hello and thank you so much for your prayers!
After a 3.5 year battle with Workmen’s Comp, I am left with nothing. I can no longer do that line of work and I lost my home and everything in the process. I did get the surgery that I needed. I was a physical therapist assistant and skilled nursing facilities.
You see, before that, I was a long time vocalist. Gerd burned my vocal cords and I learned that my right vocal cord was paralyzed. I knew that I needed to change careers so I went back to school for physical therapy. Today I still on the student loan and can no longer do that line of work.
To make a long story short somehow I am back into Music. It does not pay the bills. I would like you to pray for an income for me somehow. I am positive 59 years of age. Also, my colon does not work and has not for years. I have severe DDD in my cervical spine and have agonizing pain from that. I have no health insurance and no income. I have resumes out with no luck. I am lost and I don’t know what to do.

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