Job , financial and home stability

by Joan (Marietta, Georgai)

Lord I am praying to find a stable good paying job that will provide for me and my family with out struggling and being able to save and build again a stable home life for my kids.

I come to you as I have done before and you have showed me your miracles and that you are there, and I coming to you for strength, prosperity, health and a healing loving relationship.

I ask of you lord Jesus Christ to grant me the strength to be strong, the finances that is needed, the loving stable relationship that is mines.

To open my third eye and make it as strong as it was once before and show me my purpose in life.

I put my faith and trust in you, cause I know as I am writing this. You have already created the perfect job for me and its coming very soon, the relationship to grow strong and move forward the way it should and the stable home that is needed in our lives, my finances will increase and multiply and I thank you for you bidding.

Cove me with the blood of Jesus and bless me in my lifes endeavors.

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