Job and Family

by Lola (Texas)

I don’t even know where to start. My life has been turned upside down for sometime now and really trying to refocus. I moved from up North to Down South for one because I was tired of being used by my son cause of his addictions and making me feel like I was enabling every time he contacted me. Other factors like friends and family have down here help just a smudge. I am finding it hard to find a good job, not to mention selling my house and everything in it to move here. My heart hurts for my kids and grand kids cause I am not there and having a very difficult time keeping strong in this factor.
I believe that there are reasons we do not understand of things we must go thru to learn to be the testament for someone else. I also believe that there are no such things as coincidences in life, there is purpose for everything.
I am in need of serious prayer, for a good job and to finish school for my Bachelors Degree which will be this year. Pray that my distant family will come to understand and accept me back with open arms and the hurts and pains will be healed. That my grandchildren will want to get to know me more even though I am far apart from them and most of all healing and forgiveness for the divorce of my ex and that he has a new and good life with whatever he does.
I met a man seems to be nice, but is this it ? I need prayer to open his heart and mine for both of us have been hurt and used and chewed up and spit out many a time. He seems surreal in being my partner, but is it real.
The only true love I know is the love that I have for God cause he has never left my side and the love for my children and grandchildren. I am lonely soul that needs Christian friends and a church to attend to. A good paying job to know I can care for myself and not learn to be co-dependent on someone else.
These are new beginnings for me and very scary and I think that if my kids were still ;small I would not have so much trouble, but they are grown and gone and it is just me.
God has brought me through some very horrendous places and literally I am a testament to be sitting here writing this, but I do know calling on my brothers and sisters in prayer is the first and most important for agreement in doing God’s Will.
Pray with me in agreement all of you and may the gracious blood of Jesus anoint you all.

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