Jesus – Where are you?

by Marisa (Zambia)

Jesus – I am so lonely. I feel the need to pray and talk to you but at the same time I do not feel you here with me. I feel so alone and abandoned. You take away from me whoever I love in my life . Why Jesus? Why do you want me to spend my life all alone? You even took away from me the one and only son I ever had. I had a husband I loved so much and yet you took him away from me and gave him to my sister. I cannot handle life anymore. This deep sharp pain inside me is unbearable and you are nowhere to comfort me and give me the strength to go through it. I always loved you and believed in you but you have abandoned me when I needed it you most. You left me to face all this pain alone. Where are you? Please take me in your arms – I need to feel your love at this very difficult moment of my life. Jesus – please help me – I can’t face another day like this.

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