Jesus We Need You..

by Tyereisha Johnson (NV)

Father God, I come to you to simply say, “We Need You”. Lord we need you every day of our lives, but today. We need you more than ever. I come to Lord to ask that you bless my family with financial stability, I don’t care to be a millionaire , I just want my family to be stable and well taken care of . Lord please bless my other half with employment, mental stability, faith in himself, confidence in himself. Lord he needs you more than ever. He’s feeling a bit wiery these days and I can’t bare to stand it Lord. Please watch over him, please cover him with your blood Jesus Let him know that’s it’s far from over, the storm is almost at its end and he and I can make it through. He has I and even more importantly he has you Lord. Please continue watch over us and bless him with a job of some sort to provide for our two children. It’s been a long journey, full of bumpy roads… We are still young lord we still have a long way to go with plenty things to grow to understand and learn. Our children are aged 3 and 1, they require a lot of care. They have multiple demands , some demands we struggle as parents to meet. We live off one income residing in a weekly rated apartment and we barely get by. It gets harder each day Lord, I try my hardest to remain strong but it gets so very hard. Jesus we need your strength, we need your power and dominion. We need you to bind us with your love, touch us with your spirit… Lord please help us to better our situation. Thank you for hearing my cries. I trust and instill my faith within you Christ. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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