Jesus this problem is very mysterious and strange only you can help me I’m begging you

by Jesus Cute Kid (India)

Please pray for me
I’m asking for a miracle in my relationship
All think that it is silly reason but I’m experiencing the hell
I’m cryin daily
I can’t eat drink sleep read
I can’t do anything
Really I can’t explain what all I’m going through
It is very weird that even good guys leaving the girls without saying the reason
God you know what the real reason is
Why is he behaving in this way
Jesus please touch him with your holy hands
Tell him that what he is doing was really wrong
I can’t even imagine any other boy in my life
I’m not a bad girl you know about me
You know what kind of girl I am
God pleas do a miracle and take me away out of this problem
I’m begging you Jesus please I’ll catch your legs after coming up to you in heaven
Jesus forever I’ll be in your things believe me
I will not leave you in any case
You know everything about me
You are seeing me from the day i was kid
I’ll talk to you daily I’ll share every small thing with you
Even not with my parents I’ll share each and everything with you
I don’t have any frnds you brought him to me so closer
We hav planned for our marriage he even took the permission from his family to Marry me
I thought he will never do such thing
I still don’t understand why is he doing all this things
Like evil spirit entered in him and playing with my feelings
I’m feeling like ending up my life
I know about him very well
He will never do such things
He cannot live without me
Even After break up he is starring at me for long time everyday
my friend said me that he is starring
But behaving like stranger when I look at him
He is still loving me a lot
Please touch him Jesus
Take away every fear from him
Ill accept him whatever he is
Is he having any disease I really don’t bother
I really love him Jesus
I will not leave him in “any” situation
I’ll be there for him till my last breath
Or is he thinking that I’m a bad girl
Jesus you know what kind of girl i was
Please Jesus he is misunderstanding me
Don’t leave me in this way Jesus
Please tell him
Touch him Jesus take away the bad evil entered in him
Ask him to think peacefully what happened suddenly
Spoiling everything
This is definitely because of Satan
He is doing everything
I’ll never loose my faith in Jesus
My Jesus is on my side
I don’t fear
Everything is possible for my Father Almighty
Jesus I really believe in you trust in you adore you love you praise you and i thank you Jesus!!!!
Thank you in advance Jesus
I know you will help me
Please give me patience for watching this beautiful miracle that is going to happen in my life
I’m going to take baptism at the next moment of this miracle
I’ll live a holy life that you love
I’ll stop doing everything that hurts you
Already I have stopped all the things
I’ll live a. Good life without any jealous,anger
You know about my heart I really don’t care of anything
Please Jesus don’t break my small heart it is crying daily it became very heavy
I can’t explain I can’t stop crying even my parents don’t know all these things
I’m not eating properly they are worried
They are thinking that I’m sick and bringing me tablets for hungry
I can’t share with anyone
I don’t have any one to share also
Only you Jesus
Please touch him Jesus
I badly beg you
I want to be happy
I want to smile like before
You know na how many months passed
I’m still crying
Please Jesus I’m waiting for your miracle
Holy miracle in your name
Love you Jesus..Amen!!!

Please dear brothers and sisters please pray for me
Jesus will definitely listen our prayers and deliver to us
He love us very much
More than our expectations
No one can love us in his way
It is possible only in our Jesus name
We are his kids he is watching everyone
He love to see his kids keeping an everlasting faith in him
He feels proud in heaven when we don’t leave him even everything is going wrong with us and still keeping a hope in Jesus that definitely good is going to happen

Do you know about one great thing that cannot get into our mind during our difficulties and hardship
Jesus will bring difficulties to only those people who he wants to get close with
Yes.. He has chosen us to be in a close relationship with him
He feel very happy for your presence in his matters
He love to talk with you more and more
He is just testing our faith in him
He love us a lot
He don’t want us to cry
He will give us double happiness than before
The formula for this problem is to maintain faith
A strong faith in Jesus name
The next moment he will bless us with miraclesss
I’m very proud to be ur kid Jesus
Love you a lot Jesus
Love you forever…….

Father I’m still waiting for ur miracle this would be a big miracle for me love you God
Thanks a lot for bringing me so close to you
Thanks a lot for beautiful and happy miracle

Please dear brothers and sisters don’t forget to pray for me
I feel very happy that I have shared with you all
And I feel very happy for you all knowing my sorrow and thanks for reading everything with lot of patience

And Please don’t forget to pray for me
In Jesus name… Amen!!!
God bless you alll