Jesus’ renewal in Kylie and Zachary’s relationship

Dear Lord Jesus, if it be your will merciful savior, please renew the love and friendship and compassion in Kylie and myself, Zachary’s, relationship. Help us to seek you above all else Lord. Please bless us with forgiving hearts that are filled with you Jesus. Help us to remember all of the good times and that they significantly outweigh the recent bad ones in our relationship. Help us to remember how close we truly are, that we are best friends, and that we both know from the deepest part of our hearts that you had our paths cross in the first place. Lord please renew us so that we may have another chance, and that you will be our foundation for the relationship. That we may grow in you together and become better than we have ever been or ever imagined, through your amazing love and power Jesus. I cast all of my cares and hopes onto you Jesus.

Bless us God, in Jesus name I pray.


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