Jesus really heard my cries While in prayer

by Andrew (Kentucky)

Once I came close to losing my mind

Escape for me was impossible to find
I didnt care if I lived or died
All I remember is how hard I cried
Impure thoughts within my head
Telling me I would soon be dead
Everyday was unbearable fear
I could feel insanity drawing near
I was so afraid of the cost
I went to church still feeling lost
In the basement I hit my end
I was about to meet my new best friend
I met a deacon walking up the stairs
He let me know a man named Jesus cares
I confessed to him my darkest sins
He told me tonight that it ends
Opening the door I was greeted by the pastor
My heart started racing ever faster
She smiled and I was at such a peace
She said the fear I will release
Into the prayer closet we slowly walked
I sat down and we began to talk
They said Bow your head and close your eyes
Wow! Jesus really heard my cries
While in prayer I arose to my feet
The Holy Spirit I was about to meet
The pastor anoints my head with oil
Satans plan God is about to foil
With praise and glory I raise my hands
Gods power hits me and I cant even stand
They lay me down onto the floor
This has only begun, there is plenty more
Out of no where my stomach is churning
It doesnt hurt but I feel it burning
I open my eyes and what do I see
The pastors hand about to touch me
When she does my body is on fire
I know her power is from somewhere higher
I feel something moving under my skin
Little did I know what was about to begin
Up my leg the force is moving
Gods promise of salvation he is proving
Here it comes the deacon keeps saying
All the while, the others are praying
Up through my body and onto my tongue
Jesus is here, and healing He has brung
Laying down my hands are raised
Jesus Christ is being praised
Speaking words I know not what they mean
The mercy of God I have seen
Hands grab my head, I can feel the fingers
For the first time, my happiness lingers
I know this is the hand of God
All I can do is smile and nod
I am in the presence of The Master
Joy fills me ever faster
I search my heart and find no fright
Jesus Christ has won this fight