Jesus, my Lord please save me from the disease

by Ella (UK)

Dear Lord,

Jesus, my Lord please save me from the disease and guide the Surgeons hands with your precision.

Guide his hands to remove all Fibroid Tumours within me. Let the healing of my body be fast and make my body well so that one day I can have a healthy baby grow in my Womb and be safely delivered.

I pray that I get good care from the nurses and that the Hospital is clean and that I do not get any infections or complications.

I need to heal quickly and be well to fly out to see my newborn nephew on the 28th October.

I pray that I can resume my course and find a good job after my return from my holiday.

Please help my family friends and boyfriend to be helpful and kind while I recover from my Surgery.

Please do not let any Cancer be found and for any excess bleeding or injury to any Organs please Lord.

Thank you Lord.


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