Jesus- My being

by Aishwarya (Chennai,Tamilnadu,India)

Jesus is the horse when I cant walk.

Jesus is the trees when I feel happy.
Jesus is the healing when my scars disappear.
Jesus is the love when love is just a lamegoat on this earth.
Jesus is the life when I suffer.
Jesus is the encouragement when this world pushes me down.
Jesus is the mentor when I look for guidelines to live.
Jesus is my lover when I feel love’s values is in only one .in HIM.
Jesus is my child when I feel empowered.
Jesus is my sweat when work engulfs me.
Jesus is the reason to my smile when I chose to remain with him.
Jesus is my father when I need my father the most.
Jesus is my mother when I need my mother the most.
Jesus is my husband who makes me happy when I need my husband the most.
Jesus is also one of my children as I have A SON.
Jesus is my breeze when I feel the hot blazes of sun.
Jesus is my friend , a Real friend to me to whom I will cling like a cranky child and never let go of him…..

I love you Jesus