Jesus, lay your healing hands on my Mom, our Kathy, your daughter…

by Your Loving Daughter And The Whole Family (Great Falls, MT)

Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but please, PLEASE say the words and let my mother be healed. She is precious and selfless and is not in a position to pray for herself. Please work a miracle and save her from the pain and agony from this unknown septic infection. Please guide the Doctors, nurses, technicians, staff with your healing hands and mercy. Please restore her immune system, her body, blood tissues and cells to how you meant them to be. By your blood Jesus Christ, I command all of the infection, sickness and disease to leave her body and be replaced and filled with your holy healing and loving spirit. I know I’m being so selfish but we aren’t ready to lose her– a mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt….child of God. She is a vital presence to all of those around her- our sunshine in the darkness… our heart of the family. Let it be your will and mercy, oh Lord, to perform miracles and save our Mom. In your name we trust and we pray. Amen.

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