by Rita (Phoenix, AZ, USA)


When all goes well its easy to say
but when life leads you astray
cause nothing is nice and dandy
the soil to walk on gets very sandy

Child, keep following My footprints
the path you walk on has many flints
thistles and thorns,rocks and stones
hurt your feet and might break bones

Dont give up, daughter, keep going
your love for Me will keep growing
I see your shedding of salty tears
your sighings resound in My ears

I understand you daughter all too well
I hear you ring and ring the alarm bell
remember I promised to be at your side
never forget that in your soul I abide

Living in this wayward obscure world
in which each one in himself is curled
even when gathered with the crowds
Lord, hasten Your coming on the Clouds

I think, O my Lord, that You prefer rather
to be a forgiving than a punishing Father
thus free us please of this hell of a mess
and shower us with Your Merciful caress.

Lord, I offer you all my pains and sorrows
my yesterdays, my todays and tomorrows
do with me whatever You deem salutary
I promise You I’ll behave very ancillary

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