Jesus I suffer from a lot of mental health issues

Jesus, I suffer from a lot of mental health issues I asked Lord that you be with me that you help me get through every day I struggle at least five times a week and I break down and cry I have anxiety attacks and panic attacks Lord I ask that you please be with me daily help me to achieve all my goals help me get over this anxiety help me get out of my home and realize I can go in this world without getting hurt Lord please help me get the strength to get a full-time job and be able to be around other people at all times I ask Lord for your help to get me on the right medications to protect me from all the bad in the world to help me with my depression and my anxious feelings Lord I have insomnia and I sleep maybe one hour a night I pray Lord that I can get a good nights rest and we can get this insomnia to take it away with the correct medication thank you Lord for all that you do for me I am truly blessed in Jesus name I pray Amen

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