Jesus I need ur help in my appendicitis operation tomorrow

by Beena (Bangalore)

Jesus father and infant jesus father I need your blessing jesus. It’s my appendicitis operation tomorrow. I pray to you that my operation should be successful without any problems or complications.please save my life and deliver me from this appendicitis blood platelet count should be normal. I should have not have any blood clots any where in my body especially lungs heart or brain . Please jesus I should survive and come out alive. Bless me with good health and long life jesus. And please I should never be nervous or in fear. My throat or lips should not dry. I should feel fine I should not feel thirsty. jesus. Even if I Don drink water I should be fine.please jesus u know my problem. During or after my surgery there should never be any blood clots or any other complications jesus. Infant jesus sacred of jesus you should only be with me during and also after surgery always and protect me and make me strong mentally and physically.tomorrow jesus bless me and make me come out alive and survive jesus. I should be healthy always jesus. Please hear my prayers for jesus sake. And make me strong and healthy always. Jesus jesus jesus I want good health and good happy married life with my husband forever and ever. Thank you jesus hope ur hearing my prayers. In jesus name I pray. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Jesus . Amen.

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