Jesus, I beseech You, remove these diseases from my body

by Mary (West Reading, PA)

Jesus, I beseech You, remove these diseases from my body, mind, and soul. You alone know the suffering and fear I am going through.

I thank You for all You have given me. But I am losing all of that because of the ravages upon my body. Only You can remove the inflammation, repair the damaged myelin, restore the nerves to full function, reverse the effects of the diseases, make my body whole again.

Lord, I want to be restored to health so I can once again to able to care for the one you have given me, whose presence in my life brings joy. Although right now it brings sorrow as I face losing him to the effects of the diseases destroying my ability to live in my home.

Once You have healed me, please continue to show me the way to serve You and maintain my health by the right choices. Please stay by my side on this difficult journey, reaching my soul so I believe in Your healing power and graciously accept Your Gift of Healing. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Bless you

    Mary(what a beautiful name)- Jesus Mother
    I just read your prayer and keep praying in everyday. The first time you asked for healing and in faith, Jesus has healed you as that is his promise to all of us in mind, body and soul. In some it will happen immediately, in some it will be in the time Jesus sees fit. There is a purpose you have gone through this as i have done just the same. i was not close to Jesus although i believed in him all these years but now i think about him every day, i talk to him everyday, i read my bible to understand his words and I can say i have changed inside. I used to be negative and yell a lot be against the world now i see more love just as he has for us – so I am praying to Jesus for you and please have faith and also look to help others even as you are going through what you have.. you will fill the change….Bless you in Jesus name .. Amen.

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