Jesus help me father!!!!

by Claudio (Toronto Ont Canada)

I been separate from my wife since January 30 2015 Jesus I love her so much we have a baby daughter together she was another 2 kids from another marriage I was a very bad stepfather I hurt them a lot please Jesus that my wife forgives me from your holy blood Jesus make this miracle happen that she gives me a seconde chance keep all the man and sin away from her that she forgives me and we can raise our family together Jesus in return I give u my all my surrender to u for the rest of my life!!!! I love u Jesus I belive in u Jesus u believe in the holy blood of Jesus came into my family and fix everything I want to Serve u for the rest of my life unite us danyelle rocha claudio Coutinho Lucas silva Tiago silva e isAbella coutinho thank u father!!!!!

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