Jesus give me back my love

by Mohit (India)

I want you to pray to God to give me my girlfriend back to me. we both were happy from last 5 years but suddenly new guy came in her life last year and she told about this new guy to her parents very fast without thinking single moment and now they both are getting engaged after 2 months but my girlfriend still loves me she don’t pretend this to me as so many times she called me to listen my voice and as well came to meet me and cried that she can’t live without me. Now, as both of the families are involved she’s is not able to talk about all this with her parents as she feels guilty. so, please God help us out and make her realize that am the one who wants her and loves her the most. And please pray that her parents came to know all about this, understand and accept me and we both get married. I promise God i will be the best guy for her and will change myself into one good person that God wants me to be like. if ever i did a mistake please forgive me but let her back into my life and we shall always be happy as our soul pray for us. please take the new guy out of her mind completely and make her realize that i am the one with she can live happily forever.