jesus deliver me from this injection infection and swelling

by Yamini (Bangalore)

My lord sacred heart of jesus please forgive my arrogance and sins towards others. Please god deliver me from this injection infection and pus formation on my right hips. Deliver me from pain and swelling. I dont want to undergo any operation for this purpose because I already have essential thrombosis problem. I beg of you jesus I’m sorry for my sins and I’m regretting for it. Without any operation cure me heal me and touch me jesus. I’m in pain. Please cure the swelling and hardness inside the infected place. Lord jesus please come to my aid . I have no one to help me. I Dont have husband also. My aged parents are not in position to help me and I don’t have job or earnings to take care of myself. Have mercy jesus. Please help me and grant me good health. Amen.

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