Jesus Come into Our Marriage

by Tom Collick (Abington, MA USA)

Heavenly Father, Send down to us your Holy Son’s Holy Mother and Her Earthly spouse, Saint Joseph, to teach us what true marriage united to one another through Love, which is God, is.

Lord Jesus, Send down upon this blessed and sanctified marriage, your Holy Spirit, to always guide us in our journey together and to enable us to take to heart the teaching we are now receiving from your Holy Mother and Saint Joseph, as well as from the guidance of your Holy church.

Most Holy Spirit, do not allow us to stray or lose one another until the Promised Land is reached. Make us for each other, strength in this life, always watching out for the soul of one another for the obtainment od Eternal life for ourselves and our offspring. Make us witnesses to the true faith to all others.

We ask this through the intercession of all Angels and Saints and with them Proclaim Jesus as Lord and King of our lives and marriage by saying Lord Jesus Come into Our Marriage and believe it has occurred and will forever. Amen

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