Jesus and Mary I love you, please heal our family

This has been a horrible year for our family…Please Jesus, Holy Mother, and all the Saints in Heaven, please bless everybody in the world who are suffering from all diseases. Please bless the poor, the homeless, and the hungry. Please bless my daughter, who was sick in my womb, and is now in heaven. Please bless my father in law who had a heart attack, has cancer, and diabetes. Please bless my cousin and aunt who have cancer. Please bless my dad’s cousin who is dying from cancer. Please bless my grandfather in law who died from a stroke. And please, I beg you my Dear Jesus to have mercy on me and ease my pain and sufferings. Please heal my lesions in my CNS, please take away my numbness, tingling, and pain. Please protect me from the side effects of my medication. Please let me enjoy this beautiful and blessed life you have given me. Please Jesus, Mary, St Michael, St Martin de Porres, St Jude, please protect and heal my body so that I will always be able to walk, run, talk, see, write, eat, etc. I thank you for all your blessings, and ask for your forgiveness. Please heal me, and I will dedicate my life to you Jesus. I am sorry for everything I have done in my life. Please have mercy on me. I just ask for good health for my family and I. Thank you for listening and for everything everyday. I love u

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