Jason’s heart and mind

by Steph ()

Dear God, brothers, and sisters. I need healing. I ask first for forgiveness for telling Jason things that I should not have. I hurt is feelings and pushed hin away with my mouth. I don’t feel like I am a good woman and it hurts that he and others have walked away from my life. I need to know what he thought and how he could be so cold to walk away. I ask God to take away all of his anger, PRIDE, resentment, accusations, false thinking, lies, and more. He can’t see my heart or why I was sent into his life. Bring it to his mind Lord, let him see everything in a new perspective. Allow someons to help him see the things he said and did that were wrong. Help him to realize that I was his friend and lover, not his enemy. God, help him recoginize that I did everything out of love for him. I did not ask for, go anywhere, ir etc out of anything, but love. I prayed for him, but God I also know deep down that he needs his time to realize that. I feel like he needs 3 months to finally realize that I loved him. Right now he thinks that I am a piece of crap and has not contacted me at all for two months. He will not call, text, talk to ppl nicely about me, and he will not interact with me on social media. He thinks that everything I wanted was to show other ppl that I had a man, but that is not true. I showed him off because I loved him. I simply wanted the same in return, but everything I ever did back fired on me except for closing my mouth. Lord, I ask that I become a woman who closes her mouth and speaks less. Help me not to say everything all of the time. To pick and choose. Help me to calm my emotions and focus on my school work. I truly loved Jason, but he did not love me. Now, he is gone. My heart is crushed. I pray that he would call me again or care, but if not, Lord God I ask for healing and a HUSBAND who can love me. A cute man, educated, loves You, committed to you, his purpose you have given him, and use me to help him in his life, give him strength to deal with everything about me, give him wisdom, and allow his heart to be big enough to gladly accept me as is and love me. May the lessons teach me. I ask that he would never let me go. – sincerely Steph

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