Jame, Alyssa, and Stan

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I come before you today. Could you please send $10,000 to Stan today at Ridgecrest Park

They will be waiting for me at 6:30. The Lord will bless the parents of my enemies with $1 million

I ask to continue loving my Dad and give him all the blessings of Heaven over his business. That’s because one day when I’m free of Auntie Dolly, Auntie Perla, and Mommy I would travel the world with James

Lord I trust you. I have faith you will grant me millions of dollars

When I go back to school , James and I will have a 4.0. He’s going to Vista De Lago so he will be be on a high school bell schedule

Lord please go on with blessing James and I in this relationship. James and I will have so much fun at the park

we will play tennis and soccer

Please give Stan $500 and then today from 6:30-8:00 the angels will come and visit Stan and bless him with $10,000 for letting me play with them in June

I have faith in James being my boyfriend. Also that you would bless my parents and the parents of the enemy(Nicole L and Melanie V) with millions of dollars. Father i trust you and glorify your name

thanks for giving me James and i just pray that God would bless us with wisdom so we dont get in trouble with Stan

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