It’s Our Turn Living in Total Safety and Peace now

by Renee P. N. (W. S. N. C.)

IN JESUS NAME I ask you GOD to Bless me and my brother T. as his birthday is in few days live in totally Safe and in Total Quietness living in Ambercrest where there are many students who around who doesn’t respect their elders and who keep slamming the Apt doors when asked to stop and they keep doing it out of spite and evilness and stop them now as they keep driving in front of every one’s homes all hours of the night and days with loud base noise music out of their car windows and the management does nothing and this is the 4th move I have made in W.S. N.C. and we are done with all the rude people in the South. So we are asking you GOD to please put it in their hearts to Stop slamming their apartment doors on my families floor in Ambercrest Apts now and for as long as my family is living there and we thank you GOD in advance and we Love You GOD Amen.

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