Its going on 3 years and I need a miracle from Jesus to send help

by sara ()

I don’t know how to pray right anymore. My brain and body haven’t gotten proper nutrients and I was turned down for a feeding tube. I have osteopenia and sarcopenia now because no doctor has taken the time to help me. I am so underweight. If it wasn’t for my only son, I would be dead. I I am so weak physically that I am existing in bed now. I am scared and don’t know anymore who to turn to for help. Mayo won’t take my insurance. I keep asking Jesus to heal all that is wrong inside of me. All doctors have said to me is you are too complex, and you need to go to Mayo. I was turned away 4 times from Mayo, in the past 3 years because they don’t take my insurance. I feel helpless and useless. I have no one but my son left to try and help me here on earth. He is scared I am going to die soon because I have lost hope. It been weeks again since I have taken a shower. I am too weak. I live on Boost to try and stay alive. I Need a Miracle. The area I am living in don’t care. Jesus Help Me and my son get the help and healing I need to be his mom again. This has affected him badly also watching his mom deteriorate and not getting any help since he was 16. Since getting this bad and still no help, I NEED a miracle to find out what is wrong with my enteric autonomic system. I can’t sleep but a few hours at a time. I can’t breathe right anymore. I am skin and bones and so weak. I am so dizzy I can barely stand to take a shower once a month. If I had a bath, I would sit in it. Sorry for venting Dear GOD. I do it all the time now, cause of the pain I am in and not being able to cope physically is taking its toll on me mentally. I know you say do not fear. I am sorry, after this long and watching my body deteriorate from 187 lbs down to 120 lbs and my BP so low and having a hard time swallowing my own saliva and this shaking in my body, I am so very scared the way I feel and struggle with just getting up out of bed to use my walker to get to the bathroom. Lord Jesus forgive me for complaining again. Please heal me ! I want to be more than a dying person in bed. I am all my son has here left. NO one else. We need a miracle. PLEASE! Help me and Heal me or take us both home to be with you. PLease don’t separtate us. Thank you. Amen

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