It has been three years since my ex wife divorced me

by Dan (RI)

It has been three years since my ex wife divorced me. This was the biggest disappointment of my life, and one of the most costly- not just financially. I now see how difficult she can be, and uncompromising. She gets upset over little things, and where I was once her confidant, I later became her target of anger. Her love for others outshined what I thought we had, and not even the children having their parents to be together made a difference. I later found out she quickly moved onto another man who was a friend of the family prior to the divorce being final. That made it so that we could never regain what we had. I now wallow in what I lost, but am healing, yet lonely and lost. I wonder what my future is, and my two kids are the only thing that keeps me grounded. I lost so much, and she seems somewhat unaffected by it. The hardest part is that she does not long for what we had as a family, so I feel fooled or mislead- I felt grateful to god for it, and it was not even worthy enough for her.

I would love to move on, but I have difficulty worrying how it would work with my kids, and whatever circumstances the other person brings. It seems too much for me to overcome at times, and so I fear I will be alone for a long, long time.

So sad, as I was a committed husband and father, but nothing was going to stop her from doing what she wanted. Someone out there must be longing for someone like me, but I spent so much time alone in my life, that I fear it will be a long time before I meet that person or anyone for that matter.

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