It has been three months, my son has been suffering from a mysterious ailment

by SA (USA)

It has been three months, my son has been suffering from a mysterious ailment, a feeling that something is coming up. The doctors have placed him on acid reflux medicine, then only partially better, a move to see a specialist was made who made a young child undergo an endoscopic procedure, and put him back on the medicine. The ailment is still continuing. I ask for prayer and healing from the Lord Almighty, in Jesus name, that my son’s oesophagus be healed, take away any inflammation inside that is making his body react in this way, that we have given medicine a try but we hope and pray that we can wean him off such strong medications, that his body can heal naturally so that he no longer depends on it. Please Lord, please anybody who reads this message posted, please pray for my son, please pray to the Lord, in Jesus name that my son’s health can be restored and that he can live a normal life free from any ailments. I have begged the Lord for his mercy, compassion, kindness, forgiveness of my own sins. My son is my only child, my entire world and I am his only parent. He came into my belly after ten years of painful losses endured, treatments failed. I can’t imagine anything happening to him. I can’t imagine my life without my child. He is all I have for family and I longed for that my life. Please pray for his healing and that the Lord may restore his health to normal. Thank you. Amen.

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