Is MySonShine bring bad spirits in My home and upon me

by Trella ()

Pray that if there is a demonic attack upon my son and I, my finances, and transportation, I pray that it’s broken and revealed in The Mighty Name of Jesus!(Exodus 10:10) but What lead me here is everything that can go wrong has being going goo

wrong for me. Today has been the fourth time i have attempted to go on a job interview. 1st day i made it there, yhe manager wasn’t in. I rescheduled for the next day. 10 mins b4 interview my ride calls and tell me his car won’t start. So today, Im dressed, prayed up, head’s anoited with oil and my cuzin text me 30 mins b4 and say shesorry but she can’t make it. I wanted to break but Holy Spirit wont allow me to. I really been acknowledging God in everything that I do. I prayed about this job and I asked God to let his will be done! So i dont kn just yet if God is telling me no about this job. I even called the job several times to let them kn that i cany make it again, and no answer. I’ve always have been a fasting and praying woman of God. Brought up in church and at the age of 15, i played the organ for the brotherhood choir at my church. About 4 yrs ago, I found one of my purpose in life and that is to help and heal others. So I don’t kn if im going thru these tough rough times bc of the calling upon my life maybe? I do thank God each and everyday throughout the day i thank Him for giving me the strength to fight these battles and not being afraid of the findings. I hv sooo many pictures of these findings and always just wantednto kn why. Ive reached out to several pastors but n3ver got a sound answer. I kn God says that the battles are His but Ive been doing my part it’s been rough bc never seems to hv a break but I’ve been staying strong and Mighty. If only u all knew the horrible things that ive been experiencing Allll my life, from family, associates etc. I kn that im not perfect and have sinnee b4 and have fell short of the of the Glory, but I do repent and always always had a good heart for all kind never ever did anything deliberately to hurt someone. I be feeling like Lord would I every get a break!?? Alot of times i juat want to cry and guve up but the Power amd the Holy Spirit that’s within me just won’t let me. Even when i want to cry the tears doesn’t last long at all. But lately, I’ve been experiencing alot, alot, alot! of unpleasant events in my home. I’ve learned that two females that my son dated(my one and only child he’ll be 22 few more days) but ive learned that these females practice witchcraft. They are trying to separate my son and I. My son I call him the Prodigal Son, but hes kinda naive to what’s going. The findings in my home and something that the young girl’s mother sent me looks like witchcraft to me. So 4yrs ago, I started walking upon and finding some very strange things in my home. As far as alters set up in my son’s window ceils, images appearing on the walls and doors, windows being unlocked, a picture of mines being cut by the knee area and within 2 months I’ve been involved in accidents and incidents that’s causing therapy on my knees, July 10 my vehicle just completely stop working so I can’t get to and from work, rent is due I’ve been asking around for help and everything is just a rode block. I never questioned God but I do sincerely fast and pray and ask Him for direction and plz God Let your Will be done on my life, Whatever it is u want me to do I’m available, I’m trying Lord I ask U what U want me to do. I been been stop being of the world I don’t even listen to secular music. I faithfully Repent, go on fasts and of course pray daily throughout the day. I’ve been back writing scriptures on note cards and reading them out loud throughout my house. I just don’t kn what to do at this point. My flesh be wanting to loose hope but I just can’t something inside of me just won’t let me break even if I try. But please please please keep my son and I in your prayers And if anyone can give insight on what they think about my situation plz do. I’m open minded and don’t mind constructive criticism! I love each one of u! I even pray foe my enemies. Exodus 10:10

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