Is it true the lord only puts on your plate what you can eat?

by Cassie (Rhode Island)

So many years an old wise lady beloved to me said the lord only give you what he knows ur capable of dealing with. my question always was and always has been when does the plate empty cause i am full. i know there are people out there with far worst and bigger servings. i have asked for forgiveness but i dont feel that i have ever done anything that calls for punishment.

I dont believe he is punishing me but i just dont understand. i pray to my lord and thank him everynight for what he has blessed my child and me with. i hold him dear and high. i know he is here maybe i just ask too much of him. so i pray lord jesus continue to carry me thru and please remove all negativity that stands in my way. dear god thank you for loving me and those beside me.. also help others who feel like me. amen

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  1. my plate over flows too

    thank you for making me realize that im not the only one that feels like their plate is full i pray to the lord our god that he will carry you threw this time of needs, never to feel alone or loss and always remember that good things come to those who wait patiantly and in good faith God Bless You and watch over now and always

  2. Still Lost and Confuse.

    I definitely feel the same way many times. and I ask myself when will it end. I’ve been thru so much that I feel like I can write a book about my life and the things that I’ve gone thru and still am. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the Lord maybe it’s because Iv\’ve stop looking for him. I’m so lost and confuse.

  3. Ask our lord

    People think god is putting so much on there plate.
    I to have been through the worst 6 months of my life.
    I prayed to our lord and asked him to Proov to me that he is with me. As I prayed I was looking up at the stars and I asked The Lord to help me find my path, show me your with me. Well as I spoke with our lord and prayed to him to give me a sign looking up at the sky. A shooting star shot across the sky.
    I could feel him I was so close. My point is ask him to Proov he is with u and he will. I also had, on the very next day one of the best I’ve had in along time. So thank u in Jesus name amen.
    Try it and have faith and he will Proov to u he is with.
    Good luck my friends I have never felt so close to our lord as when I asked him to make me see. Promise he will answer !!

  4. Please lord I need my son

    Please show me away to get close to my son that says he hates me with. Every little once of hate he has in him. I’m praying to you lord to let him see how much I love him and never will I stop loving him. I ask you lord to please give me a sign or letting him come and make peace with me before I’m in your arms. Please lord hear my prayers I love him more then anyone. Please help me my shoulders are getting weak amen

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