Iraqi Freedom Prayer

by Sean (Camp Navastar Kuwait)

O Lord my God, I stand before the land that has seen thy works so many times. Here in the City of Ur you brought forth Abraham and sent him on his way to the promised land. Here to Babylon, where the Isrealites were sent, were Daniel and Esther would refuse to live in fear. Where Jonah would prophecy against the City of Ninaveh and look so hard for the wrath of God, yet ignore the grace of God growing beside him.

O Lord my God, lay forth a path for my brothers and sisters in arms saftly into the City of Ur. Bring us to the gates of Babylon that we may free those who live in fear, and bring us to the City of Ninaveh that we may show this nation your grace, and mercy unto us, as we bring your wrath to our enemies.