Interviewed and ready to receive this new job!

by Kim (Pensacola)

I pray that everyone will send positive thoughts and prayers my way that I will receive the job I just applied for. I am asking God our heavenly father to bless me with this wonderful job opportunity so that I can provide a much better life for myself and my family. I ask that the door be opened to me and that I will be accepted for this job. I give Glory to God for all his wonderful immense blessings in my life. I accept all blessings, love and light sent my way. Lord, I ask that you touch each of the people who interviewed me and guide them in their decision to hire me, let them know how much I need this job. Please pray for me and my family as I step out in faith. God is good and loves each of us the same! Thank you God for blessing me with many talents and for hearing and answering my prayers! I love you and want to be filled to the brim with your love and light heavenly father! Amen

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