Intervention Plan

by Pikachu (Anaheim, CA)

God, you know how I messed up the situation to cause him to suffer so much pain that he had to let me go. Even when he showed me the door out, I took a step in conquering my fears and did what we were hesitant to do. I took a step of faith that if I could win his father and get his approval it would remove the negative and doubts about us.

I was so afraid to meet his father, but God you gave me the strength to do it and to follow him to Mass to gain favor in his eyes. When his father gave me the time to hear my story, his father was not against me, but more supportive than I thought. I came back again today in faith and his father did not have time for me, but allowed my requested of an intervention meeting tomorrow morning. His father also told me to go in peace and it was really comforting.

God you have been at every step with me and I pray you help me with tomorrows plan. He has not spoken to me nor does he know what I have been doing. He might be angry that I went through his father to get to him, but it was the only way to save us. He believed that we would not win the approval of his father, but here is his father willing to help me. Hopefully his heart will rejoice that I have done what we were afraid to do and I took it upon myself to introduce myself and asked him if I could date his son.

He was afraid to disobey his father wishes and break the rule of honoring his parents. But I have proven myself to his father. How can his father pray for the approval of our relationship if he is not willing. Hopefully he will be willing and we will receive favor from God through prayer.

I am so nervous and thank you God for being there for me. I pray that I would get a happy outcome and he would forgive me. It took me losing him to face our fears and I am grateful you were there every step of the way. Give me the courage to say the right things and win his heart again. May his heart be healed from the argument we had to start anew.

Please go before me and mend his heart and let him be open to me tonight so that tomorrow would go well. Guide me tonight on what to say and do so I can win his heart again. I will promise to have a God center relationship with him if you give me this second chance.

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