Internship Results

by Sarayu (India)

I cried out to you for favor as I have been for the last month and yes, you opened up an interview for me Lord, for a very good post, the right job, in the right location and among the right people. Now lord I pray for your favor, that the result is positive, that I get this job. I have never been so desperate and worried ever before. All i need is experience and exposure. I need a job somewhere else or else I’d never have applied.

Even as I wait for the decision to be made, I pray for your favor. Lord cancel out my mistakes in the interview; replace those with your goodness; Lord let the dark and petty things fade away, Let the skills, and talents you have given me shine.And let them pick me for the position. I pray for my interviewees, bless them Lord direct them to make the right decision.

And as I wait for the call Lord, please calm my nerves, let me have your peace to know that all is well, that you have already given it to me, I don’t really pray like this. The last time i did was like 5 years. All i really need a chance. Everyone deserves a chance right? Please give it to ne. Let them reply positively, please. Please. I’m planning to go to the church, kinda struck me this second. I really believe in god. Please give me a chance.Amen

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