intercession miracle for finance help

by Suzanne (Cape Town S Africa)

please pray during this dangerous difficult time when my parents are mid-80s & there has been psycho abuses but now my father is always changing |& reducing my small allowance & his last will & testament has a lot of terrible problems & abuses. apart from the small allowance , there is great psycho kill abuses & attacks , curses, spying , covert murder attempts, fights , strange personalities , endless problems & the trustees are too nasty & unable to be approached for increases plus the way this small allowance – only in monthly installments . I do not like this way .

obviously one could write many pages about the situation , but it is more or less the classical problems plus many many psycho bullies & now the trustees are also kill bullies & they refuse to use their keys & tools the restrain all the bullies & the police & army are overworked or corrupt – so what can I do in this impossible situation ? & this weekend will be more gossip & conspiracy about me & plots to sort of be even more controlling & accusations .\the main inheritance goes to all the cousins overseas who are the children of my father’s brothers & some to my mothers nephew-niece. this is already very difficult for me but I understand that I am not married with children – in a way I understand but if the mistreat me so much , then something is not right.