I need prayer that my interpersonal relationships with everyone will work out. I want to hear from Alyssa & make plans. I need prayer for appreciation and gratitude for Seth being in my life again. I want better communication and equal opportunity to talk & be alignment with my self before I talk to anyone. … Continue reading “Favor”


Dear Heavenly Father: We come to you with hearts filled with thankfulness, and gratitude for being able to have you in our lives. We come to you with praises in our mouths and breath in our lungs to give you thanks. We come to you with prayer and supplication to know you are answering our … Continue reading “Thanksgiving”


D dear father God we come to you this Thanksgiving holiday to say how thankful we are for everything you have done 4 us how thankful we are for family how thankful we are that the COVID-19 is not in our family !!!! please father GOD hear our prayers for our beautiful Christina she need … Continue reading “Thankful”

Prayer for the USA

Prayer that God will help woman in Texas. They’re is a curse of ugly in the spirit of the state. And it is shadowing many woman. Many are tied up in felony acts within the states pray for them. Lastly, pray for all Lousianans living within the USA all those caught in espionage against America, … Continue reading “Prayer for the USA”


Dear Jesus, I feel so alone this holiday season. I have children and grandchildren they have their dads Thanksgiving. You know my heart Lord. Where do I fit anymore? Who am I? Where do you want me to go? Who do you want me to talk to? What is my purpose? Why am I so … Continue reading “Hope”

Healing my broken heart!!

Jesús if you can. Will you touch my heart in some good perspective of healthiness. Bring forth some medicine and fruits that make my heart better. I am not a bad person never was trying to do that nothing. If you can reach your God-loving hands and touch my brokenhearted I will thank and keep … Continue reading “Healing my broken heart!!”


Please pray for my brother-in-law Russell. He has been in the hospital for 3 weeks with Covid. He’s 600 miles from home. He is a truck driver and got sick while on the road. The doctors are not giving much hope. The family has been called to the hospital. Jesus can still heal. We still … Continue reading “Covid”

Godly Courage.

My wife, Flavia, and I have been struggling in our walk with the Lord in our reflection of him around other people in the world and including our family members, who are not believers. We know that Jesus went through the same thing. We need to remain focused and strong in our faith. Please help … Continue reading “Godly Courage.”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that those who struggle with out spoken and being creative will break out of their cage with the help of Jesus Christ and learn how to effectively communicate

Thank you

Heavenly Father thank you for Allowing me just one more day. Lord Jesus please forgive me for my known and unknown sins. Father God I just came to say Thank you Lord. I give you all The Glory, All The Honor and All The Praises. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen.

Thank you Lord

Heavenly Father thank you for Allowing me just one more day. Lord Jesus please forgive me for my known and unknown sins. Lord I just one to say Thank you. If I million and billions of tongues I couldn’t thank you enough. I give you All The Honor , The Glory and the Praises. Thy … Continue reading “Thank you Lord”


MY Daughters She was living with me .then she up and left when she mover out she tolled me she did not want to ever see me ever again and my Grand son did the same. I pray every day for her to come and talk to me . What can I do .I don’t … Continue reading “Daughter”


My dear loves ones I pray that you stay encourage and be positive through the Father Abba Omega and his only begotten son Jesus Christ wish everyone well in peace love strength faith steadfast and most important Love and love one another in Jesus name we pray amen😘 much love

Finding my calling

I seem to have a lot of things to do in my mind and I have failed to find out what my real calling is. Some time back I had different dreams when encountering my spiritual and at times in churches while praying with my fellow Christians. I have a mind telling me that I … Continue reading “Finding my calling”

Need prayer for guidence

Hello I need prayer for my spiritual walk with God. I haven’t been praying, reading the Bible,or writing scripture out like I used to. I don’t know what changed? Also, I so desperately need a laptop to start school in November 2020. I live in a nursing home so I have no extras money, but … Continue reading “Need prayer for guidence”


I just need prayers for getting closer to GOD. HE has blessed me beyond my thinking. I also need prayers for both of my sons. One for marriage ( understanding, communication, trust, for GOD to be in their marriage. My second son and girlfriend dedication to GOD. Help them understand that time is running out. … Continue reading “Rededication”

me and mychildren

for god to bless and protection for me my childrens brothers and also my loveones help me thru my finance trouble for we need pray everyday for it so much hate going on and killing it so sad with what going on in the world today. g

Gotta try harder

Father God I didn’t do a couple of things that I had planned. Yes I did clean the house except the kitchen but by goal was to go outside and to go as far as to make my first attempt at riding my moped. I need prayer to stop this isolation. I feel as though … Continue reading “Gotta try harder”

Well Done

Heavenly Father thank you for Allowing me just one more day. Lord Jesus please forgive me for my known and unknown sins. Father God I pray we all will someday hear Your “well done.”we give you The Honor, The Glory and all The Praise. Thy will be done In Jesus Name I Pray Amen!


I pray that my husband (who has. Parkinson’s) and I, receive the spiritual healing and guidance from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We are both in our late 60’s, retired, and moved to a different state a year ago. So far, nothing we planned has worked out for us. We still have not found … Continue reading “Family”

God Miracles

Lord, one touch of your hand can put things in motion, many can be healed ,receive that job, have money to buy food, one touch of your hand can bring shelter from life’s storms, one touch of your hand,can heal what is broken, Lord make today the day some one chooses you over crime, hurting … Continue reading “God Miracles”

Good Relationship

Pray for All… Send a Good Man into My Life…. Big Strong Healthy Hardworker Loyal Fun Secure Confident Loves Jesus Hes Ready for a Relationship Accept Ea Other As We Are No Drama Rt Time , Rt Place God thru Jesus HS Hear My Request Amen

No Jesus

I have lost faith and I feel confused and empty. I felt like Jesus has no power over wicked people and witchcraft because the things that evil prevail while me trying to live within christianity and being victim to evil and envious ppl. Also when I look at the convicts and criminals the majority come … Continue reading “No Jesus”

physical and emotional health finances

Praise the Lord I am smita enosh 44 yr having hypothyroid now in perimenopause also detected with increase sugar level I am working woman bread winner of family and have 11 yr daughter I believe in Christ but my faith is gone down Pray for me Smita enosh

Finding Jesus

Please pray with me for the Jewish Nation. Pray that the Holy Spirit will Move across the nation, turning their hearts to the knowledge that Jesus was the Messiah 2020 years ago and is their Savior today! Pray that many will be saved. Pray that the will of our Heavenly Father be done on earth … Continue reading “Finding Jesus”

For Those Who Mourn

Dear Lord: I pray for inspiration in these trying of times. I am in need of understanding why we must grieve the loss of people who were dear to us, people who were much too young to have passed away. It is not ours to question why God takes the lives of those who have … Continue reading “For Those Who Mourn”


I want God’s inspiration and intervention in my entire life. I need peace,love,happiness, money,wisdom. I need healing health wise and my broken relationship. I need God’s presence in my life everyday in Jesus name..Amen

Liberty in The Spirit

For boldness to pray and witness to others publicly, for God to take away all fear and shyness from me, to strengthen my faith and help me to grow spiritually, to know my calling in the body of Christ, for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the word, for a closer relationship with Christ🙏🏾

I need blessings

Father God you bless me with so much but I only have my aging mother that’s in a nursing home and one so who recently moved out and our relationship is on shaky terms. Any friends I used to have I had to free my self from because they were not where I was in … Continue reading “I need blessings”


Dear Lord Jesus we ask You to Bless our Brother Heinz with a Few Independent Christian Gospel Recording labels to Hire him off of LinkedIn to Write Some Songs that would Bring Glory to Your Name First An Bless him with a Lovely Tall German American Christian Wife to walk His Career and Life with … Continue reading “Grace”


I pls just pray for me that I grow in faith and also pray that the Lord shows me a sign of a dream and pls pray f or my whole family that we stay strong in faith and fear not I am ten I sing in church read the bible love God and Jesus … Continue reading “Faith”


As children of God we need prayer every day to take us through out our daily lives . Today am asking for prayers for strength in my weak arears protection, to be more humble,to listen to the voice of God, spent more time reading and meditate on him and lastly prayes for my family and … Continue reading “General”


I just need prayers for getting closer to GOD. HE has blessed me beyond my thinking. I also need prayers for both of my sons. One for marriage ( understanding, communication, trust, for GOD to be in their marriage. My second son and girlfriend dedication to GOD. Help them understand that time is running out


lord please hear my prayers for me and my children physically emotionally financially employment and legal. Please help me get over George let him go quit dwelling on him get him out of my life heart mind and soul write him out of our lives as he did us. Stop his abuse torment lies deceit … Continue reading “encourage”


Dear Heavenly Father, Please my family and friends as we in the chaotic world right now. Bless my son that’s in college and daughter as she proceeds to the 6th grade. And guide me through my journey of Nursing school as I go through trails and errors of my life, help me remind focus in … Continue reading “Guidance”

Strength and wisdom

Dear Lord I ask that the Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and strength. Grant us your power to see through all the lies. Please stop the violence and hatred. Help us to stand together and shine the light upon us. I pray Lord that we can open our eyes to fight the darkness upon us. … Continue reading “Strength and wisdom”