I pray for my faith..

Dear lord, i pray today that you allow me to continue to keep my faith in these trying situations. I ask that you keep me strong and mindful. i have been homeless for 6 months, and have had some friends to help me. I am very appreciative and grateful. However, I ask that you give … Continue reading “I pray for my faith..”

The Narrow Gate

Enter through the narrow gate; For the gate is wide and the road is easythat leads to destruction and there are many who take it.For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to lifeand there are few who find It-Matthew 7:13-14

Gracias por tu amor!

Gracias Dios mio por estar con migo en los peores y mejores momentos de mi vida.Gracias por darnos tu amor incondicional a cada uno de nosotros sin esperar nada a cambio y perdon porque algunas veces solo recives desprecio de nuestra parte pero Gracias Dios mio porque aun asi tu no te cansas de estar … Continue reading “Gracias por tu amor!”

Prayer for Daniel

Help us to learn from Daniel, from his obedience, relationship with you and total trust in you. Inspire us to greater faithfulness in our service to you and as we consider ways in which to help resort the moral code, give us the vision needed to engage with those who have lost their way, so … Continue reading “Prayer for Daniel”

Heart of Jesus Novena

Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I asked for many favours but this time I ask for a special one(mention it) Take it and place it in your broken heart where your Father will see it and it becomes your favour not mine. Say this prayer for # days and promise publication. Ask Guardian … Continue reading “Heart of Jesus Novena”


Lord, I am so thankful for your love your grace and mercy. The everyday mercies that are new morning by morning. Thank you for blessing me in so many ways, physically, spiritually,and mentally. Thank you for giving me a spirit to forgive and love everybody. thank you for my the desire to study your word … Continue reading “Thankful”