Inneed of money,My credit card debt ,unemployment

by Jennit (Charlotte NC)

Father Lord Almighty God Am sick of thinking about my stressfull sutuation please forgive all my sins and this situation is all of my past sins i have made I promise you that am not going to sin again wantedly please forgive all my sins and show me ur path Give me a solution to clear my debts i am not aksing you anything beyond this help me out to come out form this situation do a miracle on my worst situations am helpless and you are the one who can deal this situation…I believe that u geard my plea and my faith and belive is making me happy for the next coming days Thank you father for walking me along wid me and taking amm my burdens into your hands in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,our saviour Lord Jesus Christ name i ask you Amen AmenAmen

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