Income/healing of voice, colon, spine

by Rhonda ()

Thank you for your prayers!
My story is like the story of Job. Not that I could ever be compared to someone so holy! It seems I get a little bit of good, and then a whole lot of bad. I’m a believer! I love our Lord!
I was a singer for many years. As a single person that did not pay the bills so I went back to school to study physical therapy. I was 48. I worked in the field in skilled nursing for approximately seven years and got hurt on the job. To make a long story short, I lost everything I owned during a three-year battle with Workmen’s Comp. I got needed surgery but, I now have no job or income.
Somehow, it is like God has herded me back into the music industry.
Many years ago I was told my voice has been burned by Gerd. I sang like that for seven years! ( this was before school for PT) However, today every gig that I do is a struggle. My voice is terrible. I don’t know what God is doing. I trust him, I just don’t know what to do.
For many years my colon has not worked. I won’t get into details with that but it is really awful! My cervical spine has no disc in it, so I suffer a lot from that. I refuse to not believe, I refuse to not love our God and long for his will. I feel lost. I’m alone and 59 years old. I pray that he will provide an income and heal my body inside and out!
Thank you for reading this book! Thank you so much for your prayers as they are very powerful in numbers!

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