In you Holy name, this I ask amen

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for all the blessings you have continuously showered upon me and my loved ones. Truly you are the God who saves and loves his people unconditionally. I am heartily sorry for all the times I doubted and the many time I became distant. Over the years although I know you never left, I became so engaged in my daily life that often i forgot to say thank you for everything that you have given. Father God, I am going through something very rough right now. My heart is full of heartache and my shoulders are burdened. I am very tired dear Jesus. On many days I do not know if I can go on anymore, I am really weary. Everyday I have a heavy heart thinking of what will happen in the future. Help me Father God. I have no one else to turn to but you. I surrender my troubles and heartaches to you because you are the most powerful one. My savior and my redeemer. Grant me Lord my request for a new job. More than anyone you can see how miserable I am in my current work. Help me dear Jesus, extend your loving hands and touch those who are deciding on my application. I have been waiting for almost a year now for a new job dear Jesus, please help me. I have done everything I can but to no avail. Only you can make things happen and I put all my trust and faith in you father God. In your hand I surrender my fate. Let your will be done unto me. Help me dear Jesus. You said come to me those of you who are tired, my heart is tired Lord Jesus, I am very tired. In your holy name I submit all my prayers and all my desires, let your will be done oh Lord. Please let me get this job dear Jesus. In your holy name I sing all my praises. I promise to continue serving you and loving you and making you the center of our lives. In you Holy name, this I ask amen.