In times of sickness, I come to you Lord

by Brenda (Wisconsin)

Please pray for my husband, Arthur, he is awaiting news about his pancreas, he was told he has cancer of the voicebox, will be having radiation, now is he is battling possible pneumonia, he gets it every year, he has copd, please pray for him, I’ve monitored him off and on all night, his oxygen level is below, 90 it’s at about 80″ he is using oxygen, but fighting off something in his lung’s, please, please pray for him, he is the love of my life, I waited my whole life to find him, please,he loves the lord with all his heart, please pray for him, no more cancer, his lungs can heal, we can maybe get medication to stop this infection in his lungs, I feel I’m to blame, cause I’m sick, and he got it from me, but his lungs are not strong like mine, thank you all, and God Bless you, in God’s love, Brenda and Arthur

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