In the name of Jesus who I trust success for my your son

by Chantelle (London)

Lord Jesus Christ I thank you for the good you have made in me and all that is associated with me. In Jesus name I submit testimony that through you, YES all things are possible. I submit to you this request in that I believe you do work miracles one miracle at a time. My son has travelled to Brazil for a Football Tournament, he is 20yrs old he has been playing for some years and is yet to get his break into this career of being a football player that I believe he has worked so hard for and feel that he is now ready to accept your say so and finally be chosen to do what he is destined to. I ask you Jesus to guide him in his tournament, I ask that you are his feet, mind,body and soul, I ask that you score the goals with him through you he will play beautifully. I ask that you guide the hidden scouts and they approach & offer him a fair deal so that he can finally start his football destiny and can share testimony along with myself to others. Through you all things are possible and through me my son believes this so please again I ask in Jesus name let this time he plays he shines and he is finally offered his contract to play at last. In Jesus name I ask, I pray, I believe that he will finally outshine others and reach his ultimate calling in life , footballer kaine wright. In Jesus name I/we pray amen.