In praise for strength and health

by Majesta (Lincoln, Nebraksa)

Dear Lord,

I find that now as of recent is the time , as everything I know is on the edge to falling away from me. For me to become seasoned with you. Asking for your guidance I’m my life and healing in the lives of people I know.
Today I come forward in the middle of my sorrow, to praise unto you. Understanding that whilst I have not been a believer nor follower for long. I pray for the following from the bottom of my heart, from every fiber of my being, and from my growing faith. Lord please help the person in my life whom is suffering, weak, brokenhearted, and ill. Help him Lord, in overcoming his personal plague. Help him Lord, in seeing better days, and being here for his family.
Tis with a heavy heart I ask all of this from you. Knowing there are many wonders of world to be accomplished by you, I can only be humble in my asking of your gracious blessings.
In your name Lord I praise, Amen.

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