In need

by Tiffany Cahee (Lafayette, La)

God , give me strength to go on, the father of my son left us, I pray that he matures and realize what hurt and pain he has cause. I pray that he becomes a better father and provider for his kids.I pray for a financial blessing I have no money or food, I pray for a roof over our head we are losing our home, I pray for employment so that I may provide for my kids, I ask for favor with my request dear god, I have nothing to feed my children no gas to put in the car, I am at a lost. I ask for strength.I ask for a miracle that only u can provide lord. All praise and glory to u lord, I pray that all background checks come back clear, I pray to god to remove all negative people away from me surround me with positive people,Pray for my enemies dear lord for the ones I know and don’t know that may be trying to hurt me and wish I fail. I ask for protection.Keep my kids safe and happy.


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