In need of Your guidance and help!

by Raffy (LA)

My Lord, I have sinned. I have taken for granted all the blessings bestowed upon me. I stand today having lost the love at the head of our family, and in grave danger of losing my home and losing the beauty of waking up to the laughter and joy of my sweet children every morning. Our family has struggled before, You answered our pleas.

Today I’m afraid, of losing faith, which I cannot, but I’m afraid of losing all we have worked for. Not material things, but our roof, our family unit and those precious days that our boys will call childhood. We are in trouble. Please, lift me up, so I may lift up those who You have given to me, to raise, to teach, to love, protect, feed, house, educate, cherish. This is by far my darkest hour.

Enlighten me, my Lord, so I may embrace the grace and mercy to come. Please Lord, if it is in Your will, save our home, our family, and infuse us with Faith with Hope and with Love. Praise be to you oh Lord. Amen.

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