In need of very desperate help! Please Lord some help for good people.

by Sarah (Washington)

We are a family in very desperate need of help. We fled from a very bad domestic violence situation. Were moved to a state where we know no one. We have 2 kids and one on the way. We were supposed to have stability but instead got illegally evicted, abused more, and sent out without any help. On top of all of this while in the ER my wallet was stolen and whoever stole it used my credit cards has mine and my children’s social security numbers, health cards, and our whole lives in there. I am disabled and doing the best that I can to survive. My fiance took out a credit card in hopes to help us out and get a roof over our heads so that we don’t lose our kids. This is now almost maxed because there is no housing available and no one seems to want to help us. He has been looking for additional jobs with no luck. We have truly exhausted everything we have. Now I am facing payments to my stolen cards because they erased the charges but not the interest charges that have upped my payments to unreal levels. My fiance is a wonderful man doing everything that he can to help us and he is breaking himself down trying to save us. We have been to every help place we could go to only to not get help because our id’s were stolen and we have no address. We are staying in a hotel but it has maxed our credit card just to keep a roof over our kids head and food in their lil bellies. I am in tears writing this and do not know what else to do or where to turn. Our luck is so bad right now when all we need is some good luck and blessings. Everything just seems to go from bad to worse….My heart is so ready to give in and I am using my all to fight just to be turned away. And to top it off while we are struggling to find a place to rent we are using all of it to stay where we are so the kids have a home and this same scammer keeps trying to take our money from rental housing. Every rental we find it is this scammer. It gets our hopes up just to break them more. I don’t know what else to do, Lord someone please help us……

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